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Шинэ номын тухай

Хүмүүнлэгийн сургуулийн номын сангаас дараах номнуудыг авч ашиглах боломжтой.
Defoe D.
Robinson Crusoe /Retold by Elizabeth Gray – EU.: Express publishing, 2007. – 48 p.
I walked to the highest part of the island and looked around. The island was quite large, but there were ni people on it. I looked out to sea, and there were no boats.
"Why", I thought, "did this happen to me? But I'm still alive. There must be some reason for that."

Dumas A.
The man in the iron mask /Retold by Elizabeth Gray – EU.: Express publishing, 2008. – 112 p.
Should D'Artagnan keep his promise and protect the head strong and selfish King Louis or should he do what was right for France and put Philippe on the throne? But will Philippe really be a better King than Louis? Alexander Dumas' thring tale of one man's struggle with his conscience takes us into 17th century France and examines the lives of people in power and those at their mercy.

Dickens C.
David Copperfield /Retold by Jenny Dooley – EU.: Express publishing, 2006. – 112 p.
Life is full of changes for young David Copperfield. How will he react to the cruelty, the neglet and loss he experiences as a boy, and will he ever find the love and security he is looking for?

Dickens C.
Oliver Twist /Retold by Jenny Dooley – EU.: Express publishing, 2012. – 128 p.
Life in the workhouse is hard and Oliver escapes to London where he joins Fagin's gang of young thieves. Will Oliver become like the others in the gang or will somebody save him from a life of crime?

Cooper J.F.
The last of the Mohicans /Retold by Elizabeth Gray – EU.: Express publishing, 2006. – 55 p.
When Uncas, the Mohican Indian, first saw the Englishwoman Cora, he immediately fell in love with her. But he could not imagine at that time the price he would pay for this love. Could his white brother, Hawkeye, help him? Will the Mohican tribe manage to survive in the end?

Dooley J.
Blackbeard's treasure – EU.: Express publishing, 2006. – 56 p.
...When the men were all looking at the treasure, something like a black shadow came to the top of the stairs... It  stayed back in the darkness of the stairs until the men moved the chest to their boats... No one could see it but shadow was really a ghost that looked like a pirate... No one  vould see him, but it was Blackbeard and the treasure was his to watch...

Dooley J.
Simon Decker & the secret formula – EU.: Express publishing, 200. – 62 p.
Simon heard a woman scream, then a gunshot. There was another shot and the sound of glass breaking. Simon fell to the floor and crawled towards the kitchen door. Simon held Rocky in his arms to keep him quiet, then he listened. A car door opened and closed, then drove quickly away.

Stevenson R.L. 
Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde / Retold Elizabeth Gray – EU.: Express publishing, 2001. – 54 p.
26 March 1886. I cannot control him any longer. He comes when he wants and there is nothing I can do about it. Soon, everyone will know. What can I do? He's coming. I know he is. I can feel it. This time he will stay for ever...

Verne J.
20000 leagues under the Sea /Retold by Elizabeth Gray – EU.: Express publishing, 2006. – 56 p.
It was 1867. Some sailors said that they saw a dangerous, giant monster living in the cold waters of the ocean. Some ships tried to find and kill it, but they never returned. People said it looked like a whale. "It was 300 feel long and a mile wide!" "Water came out of its back. It was like a big, underwater explosion!"

Doyle C.
  The Hound of the Baskervilles: Level 2 /Retold by Evans V., Dooley J. – EU.: Express publishing, 2006. – 56 p.
For hundreds of years the legend of a hound on the moors has  terrified everyone, especially the Baskerville family. Sir Henry is the last of the Baskervilles and his life is in danger. Can the brilliant detective, Sherlock Holmes, save Sir Henry's life and solve the mystery of the black hound with eyes of fire?

Dickens C.
A Christmas carol: Level 4 /Retold by Evans V., Dooley J. – EU.: Express publishing, 2007. – 40 p.
Scrooge is rich, but mean and miserable. He particularly hates Christmas. His assistant, Bob Cratchitt, is poor but happy, even though his son, Tiny Tim is very ill. One Christmas, three ghosts visit Scrooge to show him his past, his present and the terrible future. Will this soften Scrooge's heart and change him into a generous man?

Verne J.
Journey to the centre of the Earth: Level 1 /Retold by Evans V., Dooley J. – EU.: Express publishing, 2010. – 40 p.
Professor Lidenbrock finds a strange message in an old book. He sets off with his nephew Axel on a dangerous journey under a volcano to find - the centre of the Earth! The Professor and Axel have many amazing adventures along the way, and even see prehistoric monsters! But will they find the centre of the Earth?

Twain M.
The adventures of Huckleberry Finn: Level 3 /Retold by Evans V., Dooley J. – EU.: Express publishing, 2003. – 40 p.
Huckleberry Finn and Jim are both running away-Jim from life as a slave and Huck from his evil father. So they set off a raft down the mighty Mississippi River and there are lots of adventures along the way!

Stevenson R.L.
Kidnapped: Level 4 /Retold by Evans V. – EU.: Express publishing, 2005. – 40 p.
Young David Balfour sets off to find his Uncle Ebenezer and claim his inheritance. Ebenezer arranges to have David kidnepped and sent to America to be sold as a slave. A shipwreck, a murder and a chase through the Highlands of Scotland, all lead to an unforgettable adventure!

Hope G.
The prisoner of Zenda: Level 3 /Retold by Evans V., Dooley J. – EU.: Express publishing, 2003. – 40 p.
Evil Duke Michael poisons his brother to stop him from becoming the King of Ruritania. Young Rudolf Rassendyll just happens to look like the poisoned prince. So Rudolf finds himdelf  involved in a thrilling adventure in which he must pretend to be the King and fight Duke Machael to save the country.

Wells H.G.
The time machine: Level 3 /Retold by Evans V., Dooley J. – EU.: Express publishing, 2007. – 39 p.
Far in the future. The time traveller finds the human race has changed. Here, the Eloi are simple people who are attacked by the evil Morlocks from their underground world. When he fails to help the Eloi, he travels even further into the future and sees a lifeless planet. He then makes one final journey...

Verne J.
The mysterious island: Level 2 /Retold by Evans V., Dooley J. – EU.: Express publishing, 2005. – 40 p.
One night, four men and a boy, who are prisoners of war, escape in a hot-air ballon. They travel for five in a dangerous storm and then crash on a very strange island. During their adventures on the island, they realise that someone is watching them. Who is this unknown person? And will they ever escape from the Mysterious Island?

Shakespeare W.
Romeo & Juliet: Level 3 /Retold by Evans V., Dooley J. – EU.: Express publishing, 2004. – 40 p.
It was love at first sight Romeo and Juliet, but their two families have fought each other for years. Can Romeo and Juliet survive the hatred and find happiness together?

Shakespeare W.
Macbeth: Level 4 /Retold by Evans V. – EU.: Express publishing, 2005. – 40 p.
Machbeth is a powerful Scottish thane (lord), a brave general and a cousin of King Duncan. But this is not enough for him. When three witches tell Macbeth that he will be king of  Scotland. His conscience prevents him, until his wife persuades him to do it. He becomes king, and finds it is easier to get power than keep it. The witches show him visions that make him believe he can't be beaten, even though he makes more and more enemies... Then the visions come true, in a way he doen't expect.

Dickens C.
Great expectations: Level 4 //Retold by V.Evans – EU.: Express publishing, 2007. – 48 p.
Pip lives in the marshland of rural England with his older sister and her husband Joe. One day he meets Magwitch, an escaped convict, who asks for his help. Then, Pip is invited by Miss Havisham, a wealthy but eccentric lady, to meet Estella, a beautiful girl whom he immediately falls in love with. How will the encounter with the convict affect Pip's life and will Estella ever return his love?

Shakespeare W.
A midsummer night's dream: Level 2 /Retold by Varter S., Evans V.  – EU.: Express publishing, 2004. – 48 p.
Hermia nad Lysander decide to get married and run into the forest. Demetrius and helena follow them. Oberon, the King of the Fairies, and Puck, his mischievous helper, play tricks and use a  magic potion. The result is a unforgettable Midsummer Night!

Andersen H.C.
The snow queen: Level 1 /Retold by Evans V., Dooley J. – EU.: Express publishing, 2006. – 48 p.
Little Gerda loves her friend Kay, and he loves her. Then the Snow Queen takes Kay away to her palace in the far North. Gerda goeas to find him, and her long journey is full of magical adventures. But is Gerda's love strong enough to save Kay from evil Snow Queen?

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